The Beginning

It started on the corner of 25th and Ball St in Galveston, TX. Jenn and I had moved to Galveston in 2009 after Hurricane Ike hit the Texas gulf coast to volunteer in disaster recovery. In the morning we loaded our truck up with flooring for one of the houses we we were helping rebuild. On the way to the house, we drove down 25th Street and turned right onto Ball St:

Me: “That is kind of weird.”

Jenn: “What are you talking about?”

Me: “My right leg just went numb and I have a bad taste in my mouth.”

Jenn: “Why don’t you pull the truck over and let me drive.”

Me: “Ok. You drive us to deliver the flooring to the house.”

Jenn is a neurological physical therapist. She knew something was wrong. Instead of driving to the west end of the island, she pulled a u-turn and drove to the hospital on the east end of the island. After I was admitted in the emergency room, I had a CT Scan and MRI on my head. The doctors told me they believed I either had a stroke, seizure or migraine. I ended up with a room to myself on the 7th floor of the hospital for the rest of the day with few answers. Finally, at 9:00 that night, the neurologist came into the room to show us the pictures of the MRI. We saw my brain tumor for the first time. It measured 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Our life changed at that moment. The doctor told us about what he saw in the MRI and some of his thoughts about the location of the tumor. These are the words the doctor left us with: “You have a long road ahead of you.”

Within a week we we scheduled for an appointment at MD Anderson hospital in Houston – the best cancer center in the US. Within two months I had brain surgery. One month after that I started 18 month of chemotherapy.

It has been a long road…

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