I have received a couple of generous gifts from the faculty at my kid’s elementary school – an incredible blessing! It is incredibly humbling to be thought of by the teachers and staff at the school.

Things quickly devolve into chaos when I watch my three kids for more than an hour. I coached the fourth and fifth grade basketball team at the school – and came home with a sore throat after every 2 hour practice. I will occasionally drop something off at the school and see students severely melting down. I hear stories from my kids and other students about behaviors in the classrooms.

I am consistently amazed by the staff at my kids elementary school. Each teacher has around 25 kids in their classroom every day of the week for eight hours. There are kids from all spectrums of life – kids from all corners of the world – kids on all levels of language learning – kids with all different types of classroom behavior…and day after day the teachers keep showing up. The teachers keep pressing in and engaging the students.

There is something heroic about that.

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