My radiation starts tomorrow. It is daunting because there is so much unknown. When I went through chemo and surgery, I put my head down and trusted. Jenn and I both trusted that there is a bigger story going on – that the God who made me is the God who sustains me and walks with me through all of this.

Please pray for us in the coming month. My prayers today are for peace in my soul for what I will endure. Prayers that this trial will increase my trust in God. Prayers that the radiation therapy will work as it is intended to do. Prayers for a better understanding of God as we go through this trial. Prayers for Jenn and the kids as they will be in Scranton while I am in Philly. My fears shout to me about side effects and possible side effects – but the peace of God tells me a different story. My fears speak about how bad this can be for me – but trust tells me that I can rest. My fears yell about the unknown – and trust reminds me of the one that knows!

Thanks for your prayers – it is going to be a difficult summer, but it is going to be a good summer!

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