I had the privilege last year of working at Catholic Social Services for a couple of months in their Refugee and Immigration department. I had the privilege of meeting some incredibly heroic people.

These are my friends Marc and Ushu. They are both refugees from Congo. I have asked them if they remember the day they left their home – and their story starts with something like: “I was in the bedroom of my home and heard gun shots in the living room…” They both lived more than a decade in refugee camps in Africa. They worked to organize and help others in their camps. They both ended up in Scranton – and are leaders in the Congolese community that is resettled in Scranton. I will soon have a yellow and blue shirt that matches Ushu. His father has one, his son has one, and now his son’s Uncle Tim will have one!

Refugees are incredible people – incredible overcomers (and inspirations to people going through trials)! The transition from living in a refugee camp overseas to living in the United States is off the charts. To transition from leaving your home to living in a refugee camp to the United States while helping others do the same is no less than heroic.

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