I Need a New DJ

They were playing awful music in the radiation room during my treatments last week. On Wednesday night as I was laying on the table, the first song’s chorus was someone pleading for their partner to tell them “good little lies.” I laid there thinking, I don’t need any lies at this time in my life…maybe something a little more encouraging. The next song’s chorus spoke about how they are just wasting my time. I sure hope this whole thing is not wasting my time.

There was a stupid song on Thursday as well – but I can’t remember what it was. I can remember thinking, “This song is awful for this situation, I hope I can remember what it is about…”

On Friday, the technician asked me if pop/top 50 songs were ok. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Eh, whatever.” As I was laying on the bench, my ears started melting. I am not a fan. Luckily for me, the other technician came in and gave us a “you have to turn this crap off.” Good work, Anthony the technician!

Here is the playlist I will push for this week:

  1. Motown – I can make it through 25 minutes listening to Stevie Wonder.
  2. Gospel – I have loved Gospel music for decades – love the soul within the music – I wake up to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir on Pandora each morning,
  3. Country – I listened to a bunch of country music when I was redoing our kitchen (I seemed to work better when having Froggy 101 on…)
  4. Classical – It is easy to pass the time listening to classical music.

It has got to be better than this past week!

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