5 Down, 25 More to Go

I made it through my fifth treatment today – and I feel good!

  • Except that I went on a lengthy walk today – and my left heel is killing me right now. The mile walk back to the apartment will be fun tonight!
  • What am I saying? I just got blasted by radiation in the head and I am complaining about walking? It is a gift to be able to walk and get around in the midst of trying times! It could be much worse – I have spent too much time in cancer hospitals to be complaining about silly things.
  • I was impressed with the play list tonight during treatment – CCR, Eric Clapton Knocking on Heaven’s Door (a bit weird considering I am undergoing serious cancer treatment) and House of the Rising Sun.
  • 5 treatments down – 25 more to go. Or, in my mathematical mind, one sixth of the way there. Five more weeks to go. Tomorrow is day 6 of 30 – one fifth of the way there!
  • I had lunch with a friend today – Chris Hamilton, youth pastor at FBC Lansdale. He is a good dude – very caring and supportive. And he paid for lunch! It is great to be surrounded by good people as we go through this.
  • Speaking of which – who wants to take me to lunch in Philly?
  • The hospital cafeteria has those Naked brand drinks. They are kind of like a milkshake that you can convince yourself that they are good for you. It is nice to sit here in the cafeteria and try them after treatment. I had the orange/carrot one the other day – it was alright. Tonight is the Green Machine – although not visually pleasing, it is pretty good.

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