Volcanic Toilets

I am very satisfied with the apartment I have for the course of my treatment. It is close to the hospital. It is nicely located to other areas of Philly. It is a good size for one person. The kitchenette is a little small, but Jenn and I have adjusted.

I have come to understand that the toilet erupts every so often – specifically when the person in the apartment above mine flushes the toilet. It seems like the flush upstairs creates an air pocket that releases itself through my toilet. I woke up this morning and the toilet looked like our toilet in Scranton when Nathan and Gabe stand there having sword fights while peeing. At the end of the sword fight, or when someone runs out of ammunition, Gabe will look at the damage on the toilet seat and then look at me and say, “Haha!” There is a mess to clean up. My toilet seat was soaked with toilet water this morning.

This afternoon I was sitting on the toilet doing my business when I heard the toilet flush upstairs and started to panic…what should I do? Being the level-headed person I am, I thought I could outwit my volcanic toilet. I heard some rumblings below my anus and flushed the toilet quickly. This quick decision was good for two reasons: 1. Maybe it would create a corridor for the air pocket to come through instead of exploding through the water in my toilet and butthole. 2. I didn’t want whatever was in the toilet to be volcanically projected back onto my bottom. Good idea to flush.

So, I flushed, took a deep breath and thought, “Take that, the man!!!”

Three seconds later, the toilet volcanically erupted. Bidet.

I will stick it to the man some other time…

One thought on “Volcanic Toilets

  1. Toilet humor – love it. Surely can occupy your thoughts- flush now, later, not at all??? Does sound like an interesting plumbing issue though. Would be of some help, but helpless around plumbing except for plunging. Enjoy “the ride.”


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