6 Down, 24 to Go

Things were close to on schedule today as I had a 6:15 appointment and was done by 7:20. Some good thoughts after six treatments:

  • On day 6, I am still not feeling too many side effects. I think my biggest issue right now is to stay hydrated and I will be ok.
  • Last night was my 6th treatment – one-fifth of the way through. Next week is the fourth of July – and then it is all downhill from there.
  • The music was forgettable last night – just started with Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics and then the rest of the lineup was blah.
  • I walked too far on Tuesday – and my heel is still killing me on Thursday morning. But – that is just a small thing…I will be able to get out and around on Friday.
  • There seems to be a community of people who are getting their head blasted at the same time I am. It is a good time for encouragement and support – we are in it together. It was a bit discouraging last night when one of the ladies who is in it with me left last night in a wheelchair. She had been walking every other time I saw her. There is a mother and father who bring their son – and he is almost done. That is encouraging. The last couple of nights I have been going a bit earlier – and have seen children leaving the office. That is sad.
  • I stopped into the ICU to see Jenn’s friend from college who was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her wedding. Let’s keep praying for her!

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