7 Days Down, 23 to Go

I am 7/30ths of the way finished…or 3.5/15ths…or 1.75/7.5s. I am getting there! some thoughts:

  • The music worked out ok last night – Satisifaction by the Rolling Stones again – which is weird – at the risk of not knowing enough about the song – why do I keep hearing about not being satisfied while getting radationally blasted? I am a very content person. Then Dream On by Aerosmith. There is nothing like hearing Steven Tyler croon (or scream) while your head is bolted to a table. In other countries they may call that torture. To me, I call it high school.
  • I need to remember to wear socks to treatment – no flip flops or slip on shoes. For treatment, the technicians place a board under my feet as I lay down and then give me handles to hold that are attached to the boards. It helps to keep me from moving. (In other countries they may call that torture, but I guess it is necessary.). It doesn’t do the arthritis in my left elbow any good, but it should keep me from moving (Can you imagine if I moved while they were blasting me?). Anyway – I am not allowed to wear shoes, so my feet go right on the board. If I have been wearing flip flops or slip-on shoes all day long, my feet are incredibly gross and sweaty. If I walk to the hospital in flip flops, my sweaty, gross feet touch that board. I can only imagine how that board feels to the person getting blasted after me. Do they disinfect it every time? If I wear sneakers and shoes, it is just my socks that touch the board. Seems a little less gross for the person coming up next…and for me as well – what if some nasty footed person went right before me?
  • It is a good thing my kids gave me some “kick cancer’s butt socks.” I am wearing a pair of them today. Trucks and dinosaurs that say keep on trucking.
  • This morning, for the first time, I found 7-10 hairs on my pillow. Through proper examination, they seemed to be hairs that fell out of my head. I guess this is getting real.
  • Getting ready to head back to Scranton for the weekend. Can’t get out of the city soon enough. I have a treatment tonight and also have an appointment with radiation oncologist. Then I will hopefully be home by 10:30 – 11:00 for the weekend.

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