Back at It

(From Monday) I am back at it again – we are running at least an hour late in the proton center today. The waiting room was full when I got here around 4:00pm, and now I am the only person still here. My appointment is at 4:45 and it is now 5:45 and I haven’t been called back yet. But no worries – as I have told my doctor – I really only have one thing to do each day down here…get blasted in the head.

I find that there are a different group of people in the waiting room earlier than there are when I had appointments at 8:00 at night. There are more kids around. One kid wears a hat with the Texas flag on it – good. But he wears Dallas Cowboys shirts – stupid. Sitting, waiting and watching is heart breaking. I can’t imagine what it would be like to bring my kid here. Each person I see in this waiting room – or the waiting room back where the proton rooms are – their life has been significantly interrupted by cancer. Whether they are young or they are old – interrupted. People of all different races and ethnicities – interrupted. People who are fairly functional and people who can’t walk – interrupted. There is so much interruption with cancer – one of the tough parts.

I have been looking forward to this week. By the end of this week I will have less than 20 treatments left. That is great! I am grabbing lunch with people every day this week – which is fun. And it is fourth of July – so no treatment on Thursday – and the family is coming down to Philly for the weekend. All good!

I am going to find out something important today during treatment. I will learn how much sushi is too much for lunch when you have treatment in the afternoon. I grabbed lunch with a close friend from high school – and we went to a sushi buffet. I wasn’t stupid about how much I ate. However, I came close to being stupid about how much I ate.

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