10 Days Down, 20 More to Go

Just finished up treatment #10. 20 more to go. Some thoughts:

  • We have been running slow the last couple of days – waited an hour in the waiting room last night and an hour today. I just can’t get too upset about waiting in a waiting room. I only have one thing to do each day….
  • I met someone in the waiting room today from Scranton. That family would be a good family to be praying for!
  • I am having trouble figuring out what to do for the 4th of July. My kids are petrified of fireworks. They sit there afraid of how loud they are – and it is a mostly unpleasant experience. On top of that, I don’t do too well with them either. Lots of flashes of light and concussive explosions of fireworks make me go a little batty – it is sometimes unsettling. On the other hand, I have a place just a few blocks from the Art Museum in Philly – where there is a big 4th of July thing. We can probably watch the fireworks on the parkway and then walk back to my apartment. On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson and Meghan Trainor are performing at the Art Museum on the 4th. I am sure Jenn doesn’t know who either one of them are, and I can name only one song between the two of them. On the other hand, it would be good to do something for the fourth of July. On the other hand, the family has had a bunch going on and maybe it would be good to relax for a bit and not push it to do something. I have no idea…
  • The music tonight was mostly forgettable. The first 15 minutes were songs from groups that had names like the Rhondettes or something like that…. But the final song was Stand By Me. Stand By Me is now tied for the lead in how many times I have heard it while getting my head blasted.
  • I have been seeing more hairs from my head on my pillow when I wake up. It seems like my hair is slowly thinning out in the front left side of my coconut. It is kind of disguising itself as male patterned baldness. Slowly thinning out is much less sexy than coming out in clumps…
  • I am 10 days in this, and here are my major physical complaints: I walked way too far on Monday or Tuesday last week, and my heel hurt for 5-6 days. I could still walk, but it hurt for awhile. I slept wrong on Friday night, and ended up with a significant kink in my neck. Couldn’t turn my head to the right for two days. Both of those were stupid. That is all I got right now.

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