11 Down, 19 to Go

One more trip to the blasting chamber down – 19 more to go. Some thoughts:

  • We were about 30 minutes late tonight.
  • No music tonight – the regular technician doesn’t work on Wednesday nights – so the lady who doesn’t have musical taste was there – and there was no music on. That gave me a chance to let the music play in my head. Started first with My Life is in Your Hands. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS6tQYJVO80) This song has been the theme of my cancer journey since I was diagnosed. After that I went with a mix of songs from Les Miserables. Les Miserables is indisputably the best musical ever. I can remember falling asleep to that music many nights when I was in middle school. When I waste time on youtube, I do one of four things: watch clips of the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway, watch clips of old Eagles or Phillies highlights, find performances of Les Miserables or watch clips of late night show – mostly Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert. Les Miserables is a good way to let 15 minutes go by.
  • The last two days have been a little weird as I get blasted in the head. I got a little claustrophobic yesterday. I wanted to breathe through my mouth about 15 minutes in, but couldn’t because the mask is so tight to my face and I couldn’t move my lips. Tonight – the mask with messing with my eyelashes. I think that everytime I blinked, looked up or looked down, my eyelashes hit the mask. It is a weird feeling.
  • I am less than impressed with the selection of food in the hospital cafeteria after 7:00 at night. My treatments have been around 6:00 pm most nights – and running late. Afterwards, it is nice to walk to the cafeteria, grab a bite to eat and something to drink. Most of the stations are closed after 7:00, so today I got a packaged roast beef sandwich on a pretzel roll and one of those Naked brand fruit shakes. The sandwich part of the roast beef sandwich was greasy/slimy/something awful. I managed a couple of bites. The drink tasted like Emergen-C – that crap that you convince yourself to take when you have a cold. It will lessen the length of the cold…right? Two sips of the drink and then into the recycling. I don’t want to be too much of a complainer, but thumbs down tonight.
  • Speaking of needing something to drink – holy crap – walking to and from the hospital today was like walking in a pool. So hot and sweaty! I put my shirt back on after treatment, and it was soaking wet. Yuck.
  • Anyway – happy 4th of July – be sure to eat too much and don’t blow your hand off with fireworks!

One thought on “11 Down, 19 to Go

  1. Thanks Tim for blogging your journey! I know now how to pray for specific! Healing and good results!! But also someway to have a good meal after treatment!! God’s continued blessings!!


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