Jenn and I had an intense Friday.

Friday morning we were able to catch up with some good friends from Scranton that had moved to south central PA a couple of years ago. They have children who are close to our kids’ ages. It was a good and refreshing couple of hours. The kids were playing at a playground – so we were out in the heat for awhile. The heat took a bunch out of us, but it was good to catch them!

We stopped back at my mom’s house for a bit in the afternoon and then headed to the UPenn hospital. Jenn’s college roommate was in the ICU at UPenn. She was married last month – and three days later diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has been at UPenn for the last month.

We got to the hospital early and went to visit Jenn’s roommate. Her father was in the room with her. He and his son-in-law were making the decision to take her off of life support. We had some time to spend with her father – trying to encourage him and speak words of grace and peace to him. We then went to the waiting room to catch her husband. Tried again to share words of grace and peace – and also – be sure they are taking care of themselves. We then walked a block away and got a quick dinner. We went into a CVS next store to get a care package for the family (a whole lot of chocolate). As we got back to the hospital, Jenn took the care package back to the ICU and I went to the radiation center.

It took me about an hour to get through radiation. Jenn spent the time with the family. I walked back to my apartment to get some clothes I needed for the weekend and returned to the hospital. The family decided to take her off of life support. Jenn staying in the room with her friend and her friend’s new husband. I sat in the waiting room with her father and in-laws. It was a very, very sad night. The doctor came into the room at 10:18 to pronounce the death. Jenn then came into the waiting room to tell the family that her friend has passed. Many hugs. Many “I’m sorry, we are very sad for you.”

Tragic, rough, very sad.

I am glad Jenn was there to be with the family. She has a strong pastoral presence for those settings.

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