Big Decisions

There are always big decision that come along with cancer. A week or two ago one of the nurses gave me a bunch of sample tubes of Aquaphor. She asked if I had heard about Aquaphor. I said, “Well, sure. That is the stuff that burnt the crap out of my son’s butt when we used it as diaper cream.” We had tried different balms for his diaper-rashed butt. The one that completely didn’t work was Aquaphor. There were some serious, unforgettable screams when we were using it.

The nurse told me that I should apply the Aquaphor to my coconut when my hair falls out and my head starts to sunburn. It will help to keep my skin moisturized. However, I am in a bind about what to do. It is a big decision with lots of questions..If Aquaphor wasn’t good for my son’s butt, why is it good for my head? Am I wrong in referring to Aquaphor as ass cream…as in “Jenn, they gave me some ass cream to put on my head!”? Is Aquaphor meant for heads or poopers? What if it is meant for both??? (Is that a mind blowing question or what?). If Aquaphor is no good for Schwartz skin, should I get me some butt paste? Is there any left over Desitin from when Gabe was a baby? There are so many ass creams…which is best? Do I need booger wipes as well?

Big decisions…big decisions…

One thought on “Big Decisions

  1. LOL! Wear a hat! But, if you’re into slathering stuff on your coconut, I’ve got some Desitin left from Gabe!!


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