This is Stupid

I had a quiet afternoon yesterday. Jenn and the kids drove back to Scranton in the morning. My plan was to go to the movies in the afternoon and then get some dinner. Unfortunately for me, it cost $13.99 to see a movie on Sunday afternoon. I thought that was absurd. So no movie for me. I ended up going to a shopping complex and walking around some stores. I went to Target and Ross and then thought it would be fun to walk around Bed, Bath and Beyond to see what they sell that I have absolutely no use for. I found a ton of such things.

Can you believe this shit? Nothing but questions for it. At what point did someone say, “I sit on so many eggs – I wish there was something that would help me not break them”? How much did the person testing this seat cushion get paid to plop down on nature’s finest? Is there a proper technique/protocol for sitting on an egg? What kind of eggs were tested…chicken, quail, ostrich? Do they have some sort of insurance with purchase that will cover a new pair of pants for me when I sit on the egg and it breaks all over my pants? Isn’t there anything else they could sit on besides sitting on an egg? How many people actually sit on eggs? Is it a viral challenge that I have just not heard about?

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