Still 18 More

Yesterday was a rough day. I went golfing in the morning at a tournament in Lansdale. It rained the entire time. I couldn’t get a good grip on the clubs after about 6 holes…it was frustrating I couldn’t show off my golf skills that I hone once or twice a year.

I got to the hospital a little early to see the doctor before he left for the day. I felt a little rushed in talking with him – but did have some time to chat through how things are going. I sat in the waiting room for awhile and started falling asleep – I knew it was time to start moving around. As I walked around the waiting room I heard rumors that the proton machines weren’t working. Some were being restored while others weren’t up and going. I got a message about 30 minutes later that they had to cancel my appointment – and would have to make it up on August 1. Boo. I don’t want this stretching out further than it has to. I have been thinking – I could ask them just to blast me in the head twice in one day to get me back on schedule. But then I thought, “we are working with my brain, settle down. Let the doctors do their thing.” I can’t control this roller coaster. I must trust.

I woke up this morning with a ton of hair on my pillow. The hair above my left temple is mostly gone. It is another wake up call that this is real. I washed my hair in the shower this morning and there were so many more hairs coming out. I can just pull hair out of the left side of my head.

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