13 Down, 17 More to Go

I got back on the table last night for the first time in a couple of days. I am not sure I missed having my head bolted to the table for twenty minutes.

  • I am realizing that I need to wear glasses to each appointment. The mask that I wear is too close to my left eye. I think it pushes my eyelid down or messes with my eyelashes – when then messes with my left contact. I can take my glasses off for 20 minutes and not worry about screwing with my contact after radiation.
  • The music last night was classic rock blah – not memorable at all.
  • I was a bit congested last night – one of my concerns about this whole song and dance. It will be tough to lay still for 20 minutes if I can’t breath through my nose. I have been doing great breathing through my nose – but every so often I want to swallow or breath through my mouth. I am struggling to do that when I can’t move my jaw. It is weird, and sometimes makes me a bit claustrophobic.
  • It has been easy for me to figure out where my brain is getting blasted. the hair on the front left side of my head has fallen out. Over the weekend, I could pull the hair off of my head. The hair would fall off in big clumps when I washed my hair in the shower. It was stuck to my hat when I was wearing a hat. Now I am mostly bald in that area. My head looks like I have uneven male patterned baldness. I will keep wearing a hat and looking forward to August when I can shave my head.
  • I am two days away from being halfway done! I have three more weekends left until this is over. Looking forward to it!
  • This week the kids are at vacation Bible school at a local church. It is their second VBS of the summer. When churches have VBS during the day, I don’t like to call it VBS. I like to call it free babysitting. It is good stuff!
  • I am incredibly grateful for the amount of support we receive from all different seasons in our life. It is amazing and it is humbling! The Schwartz’ are definitely blessed people.

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