14 Down, 16 to Go

The #1 proton radiation machine was kicking it last night. I got to the hospital at 5:30 for a 5:45 appointment. I immediately got a message to get changed into the hospital gown getup and was immediately called to the proton room. I didn’t even have time to cool down from walking to the hospital in the blazing heat. It took a little longer than usual on the table, but I was done by 6:00. Yahoo!

  • I brought my bike down to my apartment this weekend. Every day I walk across the Walnut Street bridge to and from the hospital. Everyday I see the Schuylkill River trail under the bridge and think to myself, “That would be fun to ride my bike on.” I went for a bike ride yesterday – went about 10 miles. It was great. And….it made me tired. I was ready for bed around 9:00 last night.
  • I got into the proton room last night and the therapist asked what kind of music I wanted. I knew that Wednesday night was bad music night because the regular guy is off on Wednesdays. I asked, “What do you have on?” Both therapists replied, “Disney!!!” “Good heavens. Let’s go with Motown.” So – My Girl, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, and a couple of other classic songs. Much better than Disney songs.
  • In recent weeks I noticed there are some fairly rough haircuts in the radiation waiting room. Some people shave their head. Some people don’t – just have some bald patch somewhere on their head. Many people wear hats. Well…I am joining the rough haircut group. I am looking forward to August 1 when I can shave my head. Until then, my hair is long enough to go in different directions and there is a nice bald patch as well…
  • If you follow Scranton news, there will be a special election for a new mayor of Scranton in November. The previous mayor resigned in the midst of a federal corruption investigation. So, should I put my hat in the ring? I have until next Wednesday to turn in my resume. I am really good at applying for jobs that I am not qualified for.
    • One of the last jobs I applied for was to be the reptile keeper at the Steamtown Aquarium. I figure I have thousands of hours of reptile keeping experience by watching stupid shows on Animal Planet and Nat Geo. I am all for stupid snake programs – especially the ones where they screw around with poisonous snakes. I learned enough from those programs (don’t screw around with poisonous snakes, snakes are good at escaping from cages, have plenty of anti-venom around, feed them mice). I would just need to fight my natural tendency to whack them when they get out of line. I learned everything I need to know about gators by watching the Crocodile Hunter decades ago (if they start to get ornery, jump on their back, tape their mouth closed and cover their eyes. Stay away from their mouth). I have everything I need to be the reptile keeper. I also once had a snake in my house. I expertly removed the snake from my house without peeing my pants. Unfortunately for me, I did not turn in a cover letter to go with my resume (which had no reptile keeping experience on it). I was not able to share my expert knowledge about reptile keeping. A couple of weeks later the Steamtown Aquarium let me know they were moving forward with the hiring process without me. It was their loss. This may or may not relate to the mayoral election in November.
  • I feel like I should update my Aquaphor situation. I have applied it to my head a couple of times. It is a greasy mess. It is better for babies butts.

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