15 Down, 15 to Go

Here we are! I have been expectantly longing for this day – halfway through treatment! only 15 more to go! I am on the downslope of this program. We were running slow last night – about an hour late for the festivities.

  • The music last night was non-descript, but it was good. It wasn’t Disney or top 50 or classic rock or anything like that. It was folksy and mellow. I was quite pleased with the soothing nature of the music.
  • Today is the first day where my treatment is around lunch time. My appointment is at 2:15. I am hoping to get there, get on the table and then get in my car and drive back to Scranton to be home by 6:00 or 7:00. The latest treatment in the next 15 days is 3:00 pm. All treatments are between 12:45 and 3:00.
  • My hair has gone from male patterned baldness to “you look like a cancer patient” or “you are close to half a mullet.” The hair from my ear to the left side of the top of my head has either come out or is falling out. It is disheartening to take a shower, wash your hair, and have your hand covered in hair that has fallen out of your head.
  • I have been biking the last two days, but today I am going to pack the car and go for a short walk on the river trail. Do you know that there are eels in the Schuylkill River? American Eels. Yuck.
  • I finished reading my 3rd book of this experience. I read Nick Foles’ autobiography Believe It. It is kind of embarrassing to say – as a life long Eagles fan. It took me two years to read that sucker. As a good fan, I should have read it as soon as it came out – as close to their super bowl win as possible. I also read Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk. I like Michael Lewis as a writer. He wrote Moneyball, which has changed how most sports teams construct their rosters. He also wrote The Blind Side, which was turned into a move about 10 years ago. The Fifth Risk is about the transition of the Trump White House to power after the 2016 election. I like reading books about the crazies inside the White House (I read Bob Woodward’s book and a book by Robert Strauss called Worst President Ever – which was about James Buchanan but had some parallels to the current administration). I just finished up Birds of Pray – the story of the faith of the 2018 Eagles team that won the super bowl. It was good stuff and an easy read.
  • Each day I walk to and from the hospital. Alongside of me there are scores of people walking to and from working at the hospital or at UPenn. It was pouring last night – a big thunderstorm was rolling through the city. As it slowed a little bit, I decided to give it a shot and walk back to my apartment. That may have been a mistake. The thunderstorm did not slow as much as I thought it did. I spent some time hanging out under the overhangs of buildings at UPenn and stood under a bridge or two on the way home. As I walked down Walnut St, I turned behind me to see there was no one walking on the sidewalk behind – matching the no one who was walking in front of me. At that moment, when I was fairly soaked, I realized that I was the only idiot to venture out in the storm. I made it back to the apartment very wet, and knowing I was quite an idiot. I was in no rush to get back – could have waited things out at the hospital.
  • Asking for your prayers in helping us work out housing for the next 15 days of treatment. This apartment has been a blessing. It is close to the hospital, I can get out and exercise, and it is centrally located in the city. However, we were only able to rent it for one month when we got started. We are looking into a grant for a place to stay from July 18-August 2. Jenn is working on the details. The owners of this place want to rent it to someone else for that time period. There are some other places that are available close to UPenn that would also work. It would be easy to stay here or move to another place in University City if we have to. Our prayers are for a grant for housing for the last 10 days of treatment.

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