17 Down, 13 to Go

I finished treatment #17 yesterday. It is great to type 13 to go…seems like I am almost finished. My treatments have moved to earlier in the day – between 12:45 and 2:15. Having the treatments earlier splits up the day fairly well.

  • I am not complaining about earlier treatments – except on Friday afternoons. when I get finished right at rush hour and my commute becomes an hour longer due to traffic. This past Friday was silly – the expressway was backed up from the hospital to King of Prussia. There was no way I was taking that. I drove through downtown and got caught in 45 minutes of traffic getting out of the city. I then got close to the turnpike and found a huge traffic jam trying to get onto the turnpike. I made it home on Friday night about two hours later than I had thought.
  • I have been blessed to live in places where traffic is not an issue. There are quick ways to get around the island of Galveston. There are streets that move quickly and streets that don’t move as fast. I know my way around Scranton as well. I know the quicker streets and the back roads to get around traffic. In both places I would get annoyed when I sit in traffic for more than one cycle of red lights. I have come to expect things to move when the light turns green. I am not sure how I could live and drive near a major city again.
  • The play list yesterday was Free Falling by Tom Petty and Don’t Stop Believing by whoever sings that song. Free Falling is now tied for the lead with Satisifaction and Stand By Me for songs that I have heard the most during treatments. I think I have heard Don’t Stop Believing a couple of times as well.
  • The technicians have adjusted the cords that I hold during treatments so that my elbows are not over extended while I get blasted. That is nice.
  • A shout out to Don and Betty Helpa for the socks they gave me two weeks ago. I left them in my backpack – and needed them yesterday as I was wearing slip on shoes all day. My feet were a sweaty mess when I got there. I didn’t want them on the table due to their grossness. Those socks came in handy!
  • I have lost a good portion of hair. I can even my hair out and have a nice mohawk. I have lost hair from my ear to close to the middle of my head.
  • I got to see the doctor yesterday. Everything is going fine – no complaints. The nurse told me to use Aquaphor twice a day on the bald part of my head. I am not sure why. That greasy mess doesn’t go away – it just stays greasy until I mistakenly touch it.
  • Fatigue is also becoming a bigger factor. I am almost falling asleep as I write this. I am looking forward to my treatment and then heading back to the apartment for a nap.
  • Speaking of which – it is difficult to sleep in my apartment. It is not he 3rd floor along Walnut St. in Philly – a family busy street. There is a bus stop right under my apartment. The bus that goes to 53rd and Walnut stops there – as does a bus that takes people to Upper Darby. All stops are announced as the doors open. There are many car horns and construction vehicles throughout the night. Bleh.

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