18 Down, 12 to Go

It was a slow day in the proton radiation department. I was about an hour late in getting on the table for my daily blasting. No worries though, I have one thing to do each day. All I have to do is lay on a table and get my head blasted.

  • Free Falling by Tom Petty is making a good run for the song I have heard the most while laying on the table. The last song today was Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Metallica during proton radiation is soothing to my soul. Both songs are a throwback to late high school and early college years. I am not sure how old I am feeling if those songs are on the classic rock station.
  • I am finding that my apartment is a difficult place to sleep in. I am on the third floor of a building next to a fairly busy street in the city. Construction happens at all different times of the night. It is currently after 1:00 am – and outside there is a loud truck and people screaming at each other. There is a bus stop right under my window. The bus that goes to 53rd and Walnut stops occasionally. I hear all of the announcements on the bus when it stops. There is also a bus that goes to Upper Darby that stops downstairs.
  • Speaking of which, I have almost been able to start napping on the proton table. I figure if my nose is in the same place in the mask, I can just drift off into sleepy land while going through the 20 minutes of blasting.

One thought on “18 Down, 12 to Go

  1. GM! Know that stop all to well! My husband’s office was in the building on the corner. That was years ago and it was crazy then! Quite a different world! But it is good to see the # on the right keeps getting smaller than the # on the left! One day closer! 👍🏼
    Hope you can get a good nap in today!!


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