20 Down, 10 More to Go

It is sweaty Friday in Philadelphia. I was loading the car this morning with everything from my apartment. I am moving into a new apartment next week – so I had to clean everything out this morning. The garage is two blocks from the apartment. I made the trip four times, carrying boxes and bags of clothes and things like that. By the time I was done, I had sweat through my shirt and was ready for a shower. Heat wave on the east coast.

  • It happened yesterday – I got through treatment number 20. Two thirds of the way home. Only ten more treatments! Almost there! I feel like a reached a good milestone where it will be easy to look toward the end. After I was done yesterday I was chatting with the radiation therapist. I told him that I made it to number 20. For me it is a celebration and affirmation that this is close to over. He said, “That is good stuff. You only have two weeks left.” Wet blanket.
  • I am fairly disappointed with Old Spice deodorant. It lasts about four hours. I would think they would want to work on their product so that it would last all day. I recently bought a stick of their original smelling deodorant. Their slogan on the back of the stick was, “If your grandfather didn’t use this 60 years ago, you would not be here.” First, is the marketing campaign “This will make you smell like 60 years ago?” If that is the case, I can still remember the smell of my grandparents furniture. Or I can just eat some moth balls. Second, there has to be some better slogan for them to use.
  • The music choice last night was the Grateful Dead. It was soothing and made it a quick 20 minutes.
  • There is a restaurant a block from the apartment called Rosy’s Taco Bar. Does life get better than that? Here is a rule of life: when you see a taco bar, you must check it out. I had a beer, quesadilla and some nachos. There were loads of beans and loads of cheese….And…wait for it…my stomach killed me all night long. Rosy’s Taco Bar – thumbs up for taste, thumbs down for the intestinal turbulence that I experienced for the rest of the night.
  • I am fairly tired today and am looking forward to a good nap on the table. I still sometimes feel like I am floating in the ocean during the first five minutes of the radiation ride. After that I can just lay there quietly and let the next 15 minutes pass by with my eyes closed. It is actually better for me to keep my eyes closed. The mask doesn’t mess with my left eye when my eyes are shut.
  • My hope is to get out of the city as soon as I can after treatment. I will stop at the Wawa in Lansdale to grab dinner on the way home and try to get up the turnpike as soon as possible this afternoon.
  • 20 down and 10 to go is good news!!!

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