22 Down, 8 to Go

Day 21 and 22 were a little slow in the proton radiation department. We were running about an hour late each day.

  • It took three – four hours to get to Scranton from UPenn last Friday. It was an hour to get out of the city, and then a couple of hours to get up the turnpike. It was 3 hours to get back to Upenn yesterday. It is about a 155 mile trip. I enjoy the turnpike for the most part – it is 70 mph most of the way. But when there is construction, an accident or something like that, bleh. Yesterday there was a construction truck that stopped traffic because it was wither crossing the highway or stuck in the right lane…Bleh.
  • Every Monday I have an appointment with the doctor. They usually are not too exciting because I am not experiencing too many side effects. I asked about what the next couple of months look like. I will have a MRI and appointment in early September and then meet with the oncologist to set up chemotherapy. The MRI will be a new baseline for my brain for doctors to refer to in the future.
  • I started to get a mild headache last night before I went to bed. I am assuming it was a side effect from the treatment.
  • It was 90 degrees in Philly yesterday. I was sweating through my shirt unpacking my car and carrying it to my apartment. I didn’t bring any popsicles with me – I sure was missing them by the end of the night. I kept looking at my phone and seeing that it was in the low 70s in Scranton…only 115 miles away…
  • One of my kids barfed last night. I asked Jenn what they had to eat yesterday – donuts, pizza, potato pancakes, and some other crap (they had gone to Knoebel’s Amusement Park with Jenn’s family). As they were eating all of that, they were riding rides that spun them around in circles. No wonder someone ralphed…
  • I moved into a different apartment this week. It is better than the previous apartment. It has places to sit, the television works, and the furniture does not feel like it is going to break underneath of you. It is still within walking distance to the hospital. Can’t ask for more than that.

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