23 Down, 7 to Go

Everything was going pretty quickly in the Proton Radiation department today. My appointment was at 1:30 and I was done by 2:15.

  • I walked into the proton room today and there were three therapists in there – none of whom I have seen before. Usually there is only two. I get on the table, lay down and they put the mask on and walk away. As they are leaving, I say, “Hey, usually I have a brown thing around my head when I get my head blasted.” The brown thing is meant to protect my head from the full blast of the laser – or temper the blast of the laser. They then pull the brown thing out, someone says “Oh, yeah – we should put the ______ on.” I can’t remember what it was called. I hear all three people chatting a little bit as I lay on the table for about five minutes. Then one of the dudes comes over, takes the mask off and tells me the machine is not working but there is an engineer working on it. We will be good in a couple of moments – right after we hear an alarm. By that point, the guy who has blasted the hair off of my head the most is back in the room. 2 of the starting people 3 were gone. The alarm went off – it kind of sounded like a fire alarm. It was a bit unnerving. So – the guy who I know runs me through the 20 minutes of head blasting. I get done, and a fifth person comes and takes the mask off of me. All in all – 5 radiation therapists, 35 minutes and a machine that didn’t work for awhile. At the end I was sure to say, “What the hell? Why is it taking five of you to blast my head today?”
  • I am writing this during the 14th inning of the Phillies game tonight. At some point, the Phillies need to stop trying to hit home runs and just work someone around the bases. 17 strike out tonights – and currently someone hitting > .120 is at bat. C’mon – gotta do better than that. As a good Philadelphia fan, I will happily say that some of these bums need to go back to the minor leagues. Gotta score more than 2 runs against the worst team in baseball.
  • 7 treatments left. 2 Wednesdays, 2 Thursdays, 1 Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Almost there. Looking forward to next Thursday at 4:00 when I am done. It seems like I am really close to being done.
  • I was walking around Rittenhouse Square this afternoon and found a Federal Donuts. I am certainly stopping there later in the week when the kids are coming down.
  • One of the valuable things about this walk is that you build solidarity with the other people who are getting blasted at the same time you are. There are a couple of people I have chatted with throughout the last month – sharing with them my story and hearing theirs. I can check in with them each day and see how they are doing. I have celebrated with some of them when they are done and some will celebrate with me when I am done. There is a nice community in the waiting rooms of proton radiology.

One thought on “23 Down, 7 to Go

  1. Thank you for the continued updates! It is great to see your progress with the count down of your days! The hustle and bustle of Philadelphia can be entertaining and stressful! But the weather here has been great for a walk! Prayers continue that the treatments are doing what they are suppose to do! Blessings!!


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