Music – Part 1

The music has been changing every day for the past four treatments. Thursday of last week was the Grateful Dead. Not bad…good to listen to. Friday – it was Frank Sinatra. Treatment went quicker with Luck Be a Lady and My Kind of Town. One of my favorite CD’s I owned was the best of Frank Sinatra. I think I got it because my grandmother would play it in her car when she would drive me around in middle school and high school. Yesterday was a 90’s mix of music. There were two songs that did me well while laying on the table. One was a REM song – it wasn’t Losing My Religion or It’s the End of the World as We Know It. It was the one that starts with “Ohhh, life, is bigger…” I can’t remember the other songs – but one was pretty good. I haven’t heard a REM song in years. Today’s mix was a bunch of songs you would expect to hear when listening to NPR. A couple of them were enjoyable.

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