26 Down, 4 to Go

Doesn’t that look good…4 to go? It was a slow day yesterday for proton radiation – about an hour and a half slow – but a good day…

  • Jenn is in town with the kids this weekend. She took the boys to see an ortho doctor in the morning. She then left the kids at my mom’s house and came down to the hospital. She got to wait an hour with me in the waiting room. Probably not too much fun for her, but good to not be alone.
  • I have worked up a camaraderie with some other patients. It is a good balm to get a smile from them and and have a cohort of people who are bearing a similar burden.
  • A punch in the gut: Jenn took Nathan to the ortho doctor to check out his ankle. They took some X-rays to see what was going on. Turns out he has a bone spur that causes some issues. The appointment went well. We will watch and follow up if necessary. On the way home Nathan asked Jenn, “Mommy, does this mean I have brain cancer too?”
    • That is the naivety of a 6 year old – but also the fear and wrestling of a 6 year old whose father has cancer. I can’t wait to get radiation finished in order to ease that boy’s heart a bit.
  • I have failed this radiation treatment in a couple of ways. I have been staying near Rittenhouse Square in Philly and then walking to the hospital each day. Failure #1 is that I didn’t know or take advantage of being just a few blocks away from a Federal Donuts. I walked by it a couple of days ago and felt stupid – I had been in the city for a month and hadn’t visited one of the best donut places in the city. Failure #2 – I have yet to have a cheesesteak while in Philly. That failure will be remedied on Monday night.

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