Jello Party

I was chatting with one of the radiation therapists today. He asked me what I would do when I get home – how would I celebrate finishing? I first confirmed with him that I get to keep the mask. He said I did. I told him my wife and I were talking about turning it into a jello mold. We are planning a jello party sometime soon. We will use that mask to make as many jello molds as we can and invite people over for jello. You are invited!

The fella told me that he just had someone else finish up today and take the mask. That guy was going to take the mask home and smash it. Can’t make too much jello with a smashed mask!

One thought on “Jello Party

  1. I am cancer free now for 6 years. It’s been quite a learning curve which is still on going…mainly working thru all those pasty emotions. I met a guy who had a brain tumour and would like to share his site with u. You guys have a similar take and humour in for viewpoints.
    Enjoy his graphics


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