One Day More!

It has been a couple of days since I have posted anything. My apologies! It has been a crazy couple of days. Here are some thoughts:

  • I am not sure what is happening in the world this week. My appointments yesterday and today were at 1:30. Both days I got to the hospital by 1:00. Each day I was called into the proton room at 1:15. I was finished at 1:37 both days. Crazy world. Sometimes things get turned upside down.
  • I have one more friggin day of radiation! There are many emotions involved, but joy and gratefulness are leading the way. Looking forward to getting home tomorrow night and hugging some kids and the wife.
  • There has been a bunch of nondescript classic rock in the proton room over the last couple of days. Today was some country music – Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash led the way.
    • 25 minutes x 30 days – that is a bunch of Pandora I get to listen to. There were songs lyrics I thought were questionable while having my head bolted to a table and a laser shot into my head (Knocking on Heaven’s Door). My favorite song was Stand By Me which I heard a couple of times. It is a fun song that I can play on my ukulele. The toughest song for me to listen to in the last week was We Will Rock You by Queen. Isn’t it the law that when you hear that song, you have to be stomping your feet? Can’t do that when you are supposed to be lying still.
  • The last couple of days have been crazy…
    • Over the weekend Jenn and the kids came down to Philly to hangout at my mom’s house. We got to meet my nephew Parker for the first time – he was born in June and is pretty cool. I was golfing with my brother on Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised that I kept my score under 100. Lots of napping Sunday afternoon – and still tired to start the week.
    • Monday – I packed things up at my mom’s house and drove to the city. My appointment was at 12:45 – so I drove directly to the hospital. I waited for 2-3 hours to get into the proton room. After the appointment, I went and checked into my apartment for this week. This week I am staying on the far side of Drexel Univ – about a mile from the hospital. It is about 2 miles from the other apartments I had been staying in. I unloaded some stuff from the car into the apartment and took the car back to the garage we had a spot in for the month of July. From the garage I walked to the hospital and met a friend for dinner. We went to a cheesesteak place on Market Street called Sonnys. I had a cheesesteak with bacon on it – the bacon made the sandwich. Not only was it good food, but it was great company. I got back to my apartment and looked around to grab some clothes, but then realized that I left the suitcase in the car…two miles away. So – after a two mile walk, I got my suitcase and dragged it back to the apartment. It was a good 4 mile jaunt later at night. Got back, took a shower, bed.
    • Tuesday – major props to the pastor of my church – Jesse Miller at City Lights Church in Scranton. I think he is the person who drove the farthest to hang out with me. We spent a couple of hours together debating the essentials of life: should cream filled donuts be outlawed…what time in the morning is too early to eat sushi…and other assorted things! I got to the hospital for my appointment at 1:00 – and was done by 1:37. I thought that was great! I then started walking to the car in the garage. I had plans to meet friends for dinner. I walked the mile to the garage (in the blasted heat) and when I got there I realized I forgot the key fob to get out of the garage. Dammit! Two mile walk back to the apartment to get the key fob. Then a two mile walk back to the garage to get the car. I then drove out of the city to meet some friends for dinner. We ate at a Japanese buffet. I am a little embarrassed about the amount of sushi I ate. But it was delicious – as were all of the different salads at the buffet. Again – good food, but great company! Then back to the garage and a two mile walk to the apartment. Lots of sleep Tuesday night.
    • Today was not as bad – walked to get the car today. We only paid for July at the garage – so no place to park the car tomorrow. I got the car out and parked it at the hospital. The ticket at the hospital has a price for 24 hours of parking – so the car is staying there all night. I will get it tomorrow, drive to the apartment, pack my stuff and back to the hospital for my treatment.
    • Tomorrow morning is packing and getting to the hospital. When I left today they told me there was a time slot open at 11:30 for the proton machine. Maybe I will be able to slip into that time – and get out of Philly earlier. I will stop and catch some dear friends on the way home and try to be home by bed time.
    • Please pray that the car will make it back to Scranton. I am concerned about some of the noises it is making while I drive. I need about 130 more miles before getting it to a repair shop.
  • Been singing this for most of the afternoon…
  • I was listening to the Phillies while writing this. They lost the game, 5-1. Tomorrow is a must win game – they must go 3-3 in these six games against teams in the playoff race. they must show themselves to be a contender when playing against the better teams in the league. As a true Philly fan, I am somewhere between little hope and hopeless for the rest of the season.

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