I am writing this from the luxury of my dining room table in Scranton! Sitting next to me are two things – our super dog Kelcie and the stupid mask that I am turning into a jello mold. It is good to be home! I can’t be more happy – it has been a long summer!

I was laying on the table yesterday during my last treatment with a couple of thoughts going through my mind. First, I was counting down the pulses of the machine – three positions and twelve pulses per position. That went quickly. Second, I pondered what to do when I was done. Do I just start crying? Do I start screaming unashamedly? Do I jump up and down and bounce off the walls for awhile? All seemed valid options, but just didn’t seem to have the panache I wanted. I came to a quick conclusion. My best course would be to streak the hospital. That would be the statement I wanted to make.

Unfortunately for me, I did not have the balls to do it. But hell – I am finished with radiation! I got to ring the bell they have in the waiting room for people who are finished! I will share a picture in a bit.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful for making it through and making it home!

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