What’s Next

Now that I am home, there are some next steps to come:

  • I will have about a month to rest and recover from the radiation. The next couple of weeks will be full of resting. Fatigue in the weeks following radiation is the toughest.
  • I will be intentional in catching up with Jenn and the kids this month. It has been difficult on every person in the family for me to be away.
  • I have a follow up appointment at UPenn in the beginning of September. I will check in with the radiation oncologist. I will have a MRI as a new baseline for treatment. I will also have an appointment with the oncologist to set up chemo. My guess is that I will start chemo in the early fall. We want to check in with my doctor at MD Anderson before starting chemo.
  • Amazingly enough, the school year is starting soon. It will be time to get the kids ready and get them to 4th, 1st and Pre-K sooner than we think.

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