Eagles – Falcons Viewing Guide

Here is a quick viewing guide for Sunday night’s football game between the Eagles and Falcons:

  1. This game is on NBC Sunday night football. Watch the game on mute or with the Eagles radio broadcast on in the background. The NBC broadcast crew is awful – they ruin every game with their stupids.
  2. The Eagles are traditionally a slow starting football team. They have been for years with the anomaly of the 2017 season. Take a deep breath after the first quarter.
  3. The Eagles are traditionally a team that ends games strong. If the game is close in the third quarter, expect a good push to end the game.
  4. The Eagles cornerbacks (and coverage linebackers) are the weak link on the team this year. Although Atlanta’s Julio Jones may have a huge day, the CBs will probably do just enough to get by for the day.
  5. To say that a different way, there will be more than one point in the game where Eagles fans will lose it over Uncle Jim Schwartz’ defensive play calling. That is fair – it happens every game.
  6. Try not to lose it too much if Wentz hits DeSean Jackson for another bomb this week.
  7. I am not sure Atlanta is too good – this should be a win for the Eagles.

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