Three Thoughts on the Eagles – Lions Game

Three thoughts on the Eagles -Lions game Sunday afternoon.

  1. This is a must win game against a team that is not too good. It would be tough to start a season 1-2 with a game #4 on Thursday in Green Bay. Lose on Sunday and you are staring at a 1-3 start, with the Cowboys beating a bunch of bad teams to start the season on a roll.
  2. The run game has to be better and called on more this week than last week. It is time to give the offensive line an opportunity to mash the defense throughout the game. The run game will also ease the burden on the wide receivers and tight end who have to step up due to injuries. Push toward Jordan Howard and Myles Sanders being big players this week, not Greg Ward and Mack Hollins.
  3. I am always nervous about the Eagles playing the Lions. The Eagles are clearly a better team. When you mate the teams up side by side, the Eagles come out ahead in most of the matchups. However, the Eagles have a history of stupid games against the Lions. They were down 17-0 against Washington in game 1 and had to fight back against the Falcons last week. The Eagles are having a hard time avoiding stupid games this year. I am nervous.

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