Tim Schwartz Face Jello – Iteration #1

As promised, I tried to turn my radiation mask into a jello mold. Iteration #1 was about 40% successful. After I cut the mask down to a reasonable size to pour jello in, we fired up the stovetop to boil some water to make some green goo. After much consideration, Jenn and I used parchment paper to hold the jello in the mask (Saran Wrap wouldn’t take the boiling water, wax paper would make things waxy, etc). It did a fairly good job of not letting the liquid goo seep out of the mask. We will continue to do what we can to improve the Tim Schwartz Jello Face.

You can see a couple of things in this picture. First, you can see the nose is a little distinguishable from the mask. We were not totally sure what the nose would do – but we thought the nose would be crucial to the mold. Unfortunately, the eyes and mouth are not distinguishable on the mask, which is revealed in the jello. I am thinking that next time I will have to stick some olives or something awful like that in where the eyes will be.** You can also see that I had some trouble getting the mold out of the face mold. The chin and sides of the jello fell apart. The fourth thing to observe is that the jello mold can out very scaly. Some have told me it looks like a Swedish Fish. Although offensive, I have to agree that it looks kind of weird. I am not showing it off at the local county fair anytime soon.

** It is unlawful to serve jello with fruit or Cole slaw or any other shit in it. Jello should be served just a jello – chunky jello is gross, disgusting and downright illegal. Do you hear that 1970’s? Chunky jello is gross!

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