Crazy Days

Yesterday and today = crazy days.

I spent yesterday battling Joe Biden for room on the front page of the Scranton Times Tribune. One of the reporters of the paper wrote a nice, long article about me for the Sunday paper. #localcelebrity. I had a bunch of friends and neighbors reach out to me to comment on the article. I am really pleased with the article – although I am sure there are many more interesting people in this city. I am also happy to charge $20-30 per autograph.

Today was a crazy day. It is the first day of my first chemo cycle. The first thought in my mind as I woke up was “chemo.” I wanted to stay in bed and not face the day. After about 20 minutes of laying in bed with the word “chemo” shouting at me I got up and got moving. I have four pills to take today. It should have been easy – but I spent a good time sitting at the table staring at the pills. I thought of nothing but chemo for the first two hour of the day. That included a trip to the local Rite Aid to get anti-nausea medication. Nothing but chemo….what is it going to do to me? How am I going to feel? How sick am I going to get? How tired will I be? Will I be able to do what I need to be doing? Nothing but chemo.

I spent some time listening to familiar worship songs on youtube after I returned from the pharmacy. The songs settled me down and centered me in the providence and power of God. I finally ended up taking the pills around 11:00 in the morning.

Taking the pills raised a buttload of questions as well. What do I do now? When am I going to feel this? What is it going to feel like? How long will it feel like that? If I eat lunch, will I get sick?

I have felt fine most of the day, just really tired. I don’t sense any other side effects at this time. I took a two hour nap this afternoon – and four hours later I am tired again.

So – day one of chemo in the books. A week to rest up and my next treatment is next Monday.

One thought on “Crazy Days

  1. Prayers continuing as you enter another phrase of your treatment! May your heart find encouragement in the truth that God’s powerful presence is always with you!

    Have a good night !!💤


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